Why is getting my house ready for sale so hard?

Simple. There’s a lot to do.

Getting a home ready for the market takes work. There are practical considerations like finding a new home, packing, and just living your life. But then there’s the heart stuff. You’re leaving a place where you’ve spent time, with all of your things and memories around you. You have to find a way to transition your home into a product to sell. It can be overwhelming, but not doing it can get in the way of selling your house.

Today’s buyers are savvy. They watch HGTV, read décor magazines and use social media. They’re looking for attractive and functional and they need it so they can see themselves in your house. Today’s home buyers want to buy a staged home.

As a certified home stager, I have the training and expertise in the Kansas City market to help you sell your house. Buyers need help seeing the potential your house has for them.
I can help you achieve the look and functionality they need to see your house as their
new home.

Contact me to learn how I can help you prepare your property for the market.