About Me

Selling a home in the Kansas City area? Need help taking your house to the next level and capture the interest of prospective buyers? Home Staging may just the thing you need to get your home to look its best for photos and showings.

My name is Holly Ann Shaw and I bring a unique blend of skills to home staging and re-design. I have extensive experience in marketing so I understand how to tell a story that engages and persuades people to take action. In home staging, that story is told through furniture placement, décor and emotional connection points that help buyers see themselves living in the sellers’ house. In redesign, I help people reconfigure, organize and enhance their space to help them live out the story of their lives.

Home staging is about mitigating the risk that every homeowner and selling agent face when they decide to list a property: having it sit on the market too long. Not only does a long listing mean that everything is on hold in the sellers’ lives, but there are additional carrying costs including mortgage payments, storage costs, price reductions, etc.

My home staging services help mitigate that risk through defining functional spaces that feel like home to prospective buyers. In the past year, houses that I’ve staged below a listing price of $350,000, have received offers in less than five days. While there is no such thing as a guarantee when it comes to selling a home, my experience has taught me that staging is a vital piece of a successful sales strategy.

Other services include:

  • Home Staging (including a variety of services beginning with a home analysis and written report, staging the home, décor augmentation from my own inventory, etc.)
  • Pre-packing and organization jump start (to help homeowners get ready for staging and photographs)
  • Redesign (including color analysis, reconfiguration of existing spaces using the homeowners’ current furnishings and décor)
  • Personal shopping (including access to “to the trade” discounts).

To learn more about how Shaw Staging Solutions can help you, contact me at holly@shawstaging.com.

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