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Deciding to sell your home is an act of courage and hope. You’ve decided to envision a new life and have committed to the difficult and stressful tasks of packing, looking for a new house, finding an agent and getting your house on the market.

A key strategy for getting your house ready for sale is staging. Staging is the process of redesigning spaces in order to help potential buyers see your house as their next home. This process goes beyond just de-cluttering; it involves an understanding of what buyers are looking for, articulating the functions of the various spaces in the house, and making the home look it’s very best.

Selling a home today starts with the photos. By now, you have probably been looking for your new homes on Web sites like© so you know the power of pictures in the buyer’s mind. A key strategy to making those photos entice potential buyers is to stage your home. According to the Real Estate Staging Association®’s (RESA) 2013 Study, “…found that homes, not staged, would sit on the market, on average, for 143 days. Those same homes, once staged, sold, on average in 40 days.”

Engaging a stager as part of your sales team can help potential buyers see your house as their dream home.

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To learn more about the RESA study, click here.


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